WWE Raw Results – Winner and Grades October 2023


WWE Raw Results

The October 2023 episode of WWE Raw delivered all the thrills and spills that wrestling fans have come to expect from the show. The night was packed with excitement, shocks, and unforgettable moments, from the top-notch matches to the backstage intrigue and the highlight performances. In this post, we’ll analyze what made the WWE Raw Results of episodes from October 2023 so special, including the main events, sideshows, breakout stars, and audience reactions.

Top Matches of WWE Raw Results in October 2023

·         John Cena vs. Roman Reigns

The legendary match between John Cena and Roman Reigns was one of the night’s most exciting moments. The contest lived up to the billing, with strong blows and amazing agility coming from both superstars. The stakes were high as they battled for control, but in the end, Roman Reigns prevailed and cemented his position as a top champion in WWE.

·         Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

When Becky Lynch faced up against Charlotte Flair, things got heated in the women’s division. This fight displayed the remarkable skill of both fighters. The encounter featured a lot of back-and-forth action, with Becky Lynch eventually coming out on top to cement her place as one of WWE’s top female superstars.

Undercard Action

1.      Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens

The match between Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens was a masterclass. The two fighters impressed with spectacular aerial maneuvers and powerful blows. Although Seth Rollins came out on top, both superstars performed admirably and won the admiration of WWE fans.

2.      The New Day vs. The Usos

The match between The New Day and The Usos highlighted the tag team division. The match was a nonstop thrill ride of tremendous coordination and frenetic play. The New Day came out on top, but their opponents were no slouches themselves.

Standout Performances

·         Rising Stars Steal the Show

In addition to the main events, other newcomers stole the spotlight on WWE Raw in October 2023. Fans are still talking about the incredible performances by young stars like Bianca Belair and Damian Priest. They have a really bright future ahead of them in WWE.

Behind-the-Scenes Drama

·         Contract Negotiations

Some high-profile athletes’ behind-the-scenes contract talks made headlines. The tension of the match was heightened by questions about the careers of several wrestlers. Will they continue working for WWE, or will they go elsewhere for employment? People were waiting for new information with great anticipation.

·         Heated Rivalries

Backstage, old rivalries flared up and new feuds were started. Fans were left wondering what would happen next because of the drama and tension behind the scenes.

·         Fan Reactions and Ratings

The usual flurry of fan responses to WWE Raw occurred this week. The show’s high ratings and widespread buzz on social media attest to its widespread appeal. The exhilarating action and intriguing storyline had the WWE Universe captivated.


There were outstanding matches, incredible performances, backstage controversy, and passionate crowd reactions on WWE Raw in October 2023. It was further proof that WWE’s ability to provide entertainment that appeals to audiences worldwide has made it a phenomenon that refuses to die.


When is WWE Raw typically aired?

WWE Raw is usually aired on Monday nights.

Are WWE matches scripted?

Yes, WWE matches are scripted, but the physicality and athleticism of the superstars are very real.

Who are some rising stars in WWE?

Emerging talents like Bianca Belair and Damian Priest are making waves in WWE.

How can I watch WWE Raw online?

You can watch WWE Raw online through the WWE Network or on various streaming platforms.

What’s the best way to stay updated on WWE news and events?

To stay updated on WWE news and events, you can follow their official website and social media channels, or tune in to wrestling news websites and podcasts.

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