vigram: Revolutionizing the Construction Industry

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The importance of automation, remote monitoring, and efficiency in the lightning-fast construction industry is paramount. At this point, vigram positions itself as a forward-thinking provider of solutions for “smart documentation” with a main emphasis on the construction sector.

Founding the Future: Sidon Futterknecht and Nicolai Nolle’s Vision

Sidon Futterknecht and Nicolai Nolle were the original founders of vigram. The 2019 founding of vigram is based on a decade of expertise as a cutting-edge engineering firm. Since its inception, vigram has relied on this wealth of experience to inform its market research, surveying, and comprehension of the complex needs of the construction sector.

Mission and Innovation: Smart Documentation as the Core

Promoting innovative approaches to planning, building, monitoring, and maintenance that make effective use of resources is central to Vigram’s goal. To do this, one must understand the meaning of “smart documentation.” In addition to developing software and hardware, Vigram offers consultancy, empowerment, and services to help bring these innovations into the real world of construction.

Diverse Talents, Global Impact: Meet the Team Behind vigram

These 65 individuals from 12 different nations form the backbone of vigram’s success. With backgrounds in management, consulting, development, production, and market development, our multicultural team offers a plethora of ideas and insights.

Smart Documentation in Every Phase: From Planning to Maintenance

Smart documentation is stressed throughout the building process for its importance. With vigram’s solutions, operations are simplified and processes are automated throughout the whole project lifecycle, from planning to construction and maintenance. So what happened? A construction path that is more streamlined and efficient.

Introducing viZone: A Digital Hub for Construction Collaboration

Launched in 2022, the viZone® Collaboration Platform is the result of all of vigram’s hard work. All parties involved in a building site’s digital organisation and documentation can be found in this central hub. The platform uses open and connectable 2D and 3D measurement data to give a comprehensive perspective that can be used with CAD, CED, and other programmes.

Making an Impact: Transparent Data and Industry Revolution

A paradigm change has occurred in the management of building projects due to the transparent 2D and 3D measurement data offered by viZone®. An industry-altering platform, viZone® integrates flawlessly with preexisting technologies such as CAD, CED, and others.

A Decade of Expertise: Market Knowledge and BIM Prowess

Thanks to vigram’s extensive experience spanning more than a decade, you can rely on their market knowledge and skills. Vigram, an industry leader in surveying and BIM, exemplifies the construction industry’s commitment to constant innovation and progress.

The Imagination Factor: Bridging Past, Present, and Future

The vigram method relies heavily on the imagination. At the heart of vigram’s inventions is the capacity to imagine a future where sustainable and efficient construction procedures are the norm. Vigram guarantees that its solutions are applicable to both the current and future needs by bridging the gap between the past, present, and future.


In conclusion, vigram’s dedication to transforming the construction industry through intelligent documentation is reflected by its creative ideas, diversified personnel, and forward-thinking leadership. Looking forward, vigram’s contributions will definitely have an effect on the future of building, bringing forth more efficiency, sustainability, and technical advancements.


What sets vigram apart in the construction industry?

Vigram stands out by focusing on “smart documentation,” offering comprehensive solutions that span hardware, software, services, and consultation, all tailored to the unique needs of the construction sector.

How does viZone® benefit construction stakeholders?

ViZone® serves as a digital collaboration platform, bringing stakeholders together and providing transparent 2D and 3D measurement data. It enhances organization and documentation of construction sites.

Can vigram’s solutions be integrated with existing tools?

Absolutely. ViZone® seamlessly integrates with tools like CAD, CED & Co., ensuring compatibility and ease of adoption for construction professionals.

What is the significance of transparent data in construction projects?

Transparent data, especially in 2D and 3D formats, enhances decision-making, minimizes errors, and improves overall project efficiency by providing a clear and comprehensive view.

How does vigram ensure sustainable solutions in construction?

Vigram’s commitment to sustainability lies in its innovative approach, envisioning a future where construction processes are not just efficient but also environmentally conscious and resource-efficient.

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