Unlocking the Secrets of the FGO Tier List

Andrew Mores

fgo tier list

The mobile role-playing game Fate/Grand Order (abbreviated FGO) has exploded in popularity. You, as a dedicated player, undoubtedly know what a “FGO tier list” is. Here, we’ll explore the finer points of the FGO tier list and offer you helpful insights and professional tips to elevate your game.

Understanding the FGO Tier List

The FGO tier list is an invaluable tool for players of all skill levels who are looking to strengthen their rosters and improve their overall game. It is essential to your success that you learn about the many tiers and the servants that reside in them.

What Is the FGO Tier List?

The FGO tier list classifies slaves according to their general effectiveness across all game modes. These grades run all the way from “SSR” (Super Super Rare) at the top to “Bronze” at the bottom. The skills, capabilities, and shortcomings of each employee are assessed.

Unveiling the SSR Tier

SSR is the highest tier in FGO, and it contains some of the game’s strongest servants. In terms of skills, Noble Phantasms, and overall performance, they are unparalleled.

Exploring the SR Tier

Next up are SR, or Super Rare, servants, who strike a good compromise between raw power and ease of access. They may not be as potent as SSR servants, but they can still prove useful.

The Role of the R Tier

Servants at the R, or Rare, tier are common enough to be plentiful, yet they possess special skills that make them useful in specific contexts.

FGO Tier List: How to Use It

Now that you know how the tiers work, let’s talk about how to make the most of the FGO tier list.

·       Building Your Dream Team

You can put together a top-notch squad with the assistance of the FGO tier chart, which indicates which slaves are worth the most. It’s crucial to have a well-rounded squad with a variety of damage dealers, healers, and tanks.

·       Strategic Gameplay

Strategic play benefits from a well-made tier list. In battle, you can make better use of your slaves’ abilities if you know their strengths and limitations.


The Fate/Grand Order tier list is a reliable indicator of where you stand in the game. You’ll be well on your way to becoming a pro if you take the time to learn and use the information on this list. Keep in mind that while the tier list can be helpful, nothing is more important than your own personal tastes and techniques. Get out there and rule the rest of the FGO universe!



How frequently is the FGO tier list updated?

The FGO tier list is regularly updated to reflect changes in the game. This ensures that players always have access to the most accurate information.

Can lower-tier servants be useful?

Yes, lower-tier servants can be invaluable in specific situations. It’s essential to understand their abilities and how they can complement your team.

Is it possible to obtain higher-tier servants without spending money?

Absolutely! While spending money can increase your chances, free-to-play players can still acquire high-tier servants through regular gameplay and summoning.

Should I strictly follow the tier list when choosing servants?

The tier list is a helpful guideline, but personal playstyle and preferences should also be considered. Experiment and find a team that suits your style.

How do I increase the tier of my servants?

Servants’ tiers cannot be increased, but you can enhance their abilities and Noble Phantasms to maximize their potential.

Is there a specific tier list for events?

Yes, events may have their tier list, as certain servants perform exceptionally well in event-specific battles. Check for event tier lists during special events.

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