Unleash the Power of Martichoras: A Smite Build Guide

Andrew Mores

martichoras smite build

“martichoras smite build” Mastering your god’s skills and finding the optimal build can be the difference between victory and defeat in the ever-changing world of Smite. Martichoras, a terrifying beast with special abilities that may alter the tide of any battle, is one deity who has been growing in favor. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make a Martichoras smite build that will make your enemies cower in dread.

Understanding Martichoras

Let’s take some time to learn about this mysterious deity before we get into the nuts and bolts of constructing Martichoras.

The Mythical Beast

The Martichoras or Manticore is a legendary creature with a lion’s body, a man’s head, and a scorpion’s tail. Thanks to his unusual blend of skills, Martichoras can do a wide variety of things in the Smite universe.

Abilities Overview

  • Lethal Roar

Martichoras relies mostly on its Lethal Roar, a devastating ranged attack that may strike fear into the hearts of its adversaries and deal a lot of damage in the process.

  • Venomous Stinger

With its Venomous Stinger ability, Martichoras may poison and incapacitate its opponents, making it a dangerous opponent in close quarters.

·       Swift Pounce

Using its Swift Pounce ability, Martichoras may quickly close the distance between itself and its adversaries, keeping it in the center of the fight at all times.

Building Your Martichoras Smite Build

Now that we know Martichoras’s strengths, we can look into how to optimize a smite build for him.

·       Starting Items

You might want to start off by stocking up on Warrior’s Blessing and some sort of health potion. You can rely on these items for early game durability and sustain.

·       Core Items

Transcendence not only dramatically boosts Martichoras’ damage output, but it also provides the required mana sustain.

Jotunn’s Wrath: Martichoras absolutely needs a decrease in cooldown time in order to spam its abilities. This is only one of the ways in which Jotunn’s Wrath benefits you.

The Executioner: This item is crucial for shredding enemy defenses as it improves Martichoras’s basic strikes.

·       Defensive Options

Mantle of Discord: Mantle of Discord will be a safety net in times of crisis, as Martichoras is not the tankiest god.

Magi’s Cloak: This item can prevent crowd control effects from shutting down Martichoras’s offensive capabilities.

·       Relics

Aegis Amulet: A wise choice for preserving Martichoras’s health in the heat of battle.

Blink Rune: With the help of the Blink Rune, Martichoras is able to launch battles and quickly flee from peril.

Playing Martichoras Effectively

·       Early Game

Focus on farming and using Lethal Roar to poke your opponents in the early game. Get jungle boosts together with your team to strengthen your midgame.

·       Mid Game

You should now have both Transcendence and Jotunn’s Wrath in your possession. Take advantage of team fights to unleash your abilities and rack up kills with the help of your Swift Pounce.

·       Late Game

By the end of the game, Martichoras has emerged as a major player. Initiate fights with your team, focus on easy targets, and swing the tide with your ultimate.


Mastering Martichora construction and use is crucial to success in Smite. If you have the correct gear and tactics, you can control the battlefield like a mythological beast.


Is Martichoras suitable for beginners?

Due to its unusual skills, Martichoras can be difficult for beginners to handle. If you want to succeed in ranked games, you should get plenty of experience in casual matchups first.

What’s the ideal combo for Martichoras’s abilities?

Swift Pounce can be used to initiate combat, and subsequently Venomous Stinger and Lethal Roar can be used to deal maximum damage.

Are there any gods that counter Martichoras?

Swift Pounce can be used to initiate combat, and subsequently Venomous Stinger and Lethal Roar can be used to deal maximum damage.

What should I do if I fall behind in the early game?

If you’re behind in experience and gold, playing defensively and farming efficiently is your best bet.

Is Martichoras a viable pick in competitive play?

In the right hands and on a well-coordinated team, Martichoras is a solid choice.

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