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Nikke Guide

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, a captivating third-person RPG shooter game, thrusts players into a post-apocalyptic world where they must lead their anime girl squad against formidable mechanical creatures known as Ruptures. Developed by Shift Up and published by Tencent’s Level Infinite, this free-to-play mobile game presents a unique challenge for beginners. In this comprehensive nikke advise guide, we will unravel the secrets to success, offering valuable tips and strategies to help newcomers embark on their journey to restore humanity and achieve victory in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.

Understanding the Game Objective

In Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, rescuing humanity from the clutches of the Ruptures is the main objective as you progress through various game modes. Only the player-controlled Nikke, who resemble humans, can vanquish these mechanical monsters. The purpose of this tutorial is to provide newcomers with the fundamental information they need to overcome the Ruptures.

Choose the Best-suited Nikke for Your Squad

·       Understanding Burst Types

Think about the Nikke’s burst type when you’re picking them out for your squad. Understanding the functions and strategic importance of the three different burst types (Burst I, Burst II, and Burst III) is of the utmost importance. Here, players will find strategies for building a well-rounded squad that makes strategic use of burst skills throughout the battle.

Understanding Weapons

More than sixty Nikke are available for gamers to choose from in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE. Choosing the right weapon is crucial, therefore we’ll take a look at the six different kinds of weaponry below, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The key to success is understanding the dynamics of the weapon, whether it’s an assault rifle for close and medium-range fighting or a sniper rifle for attacking foes at a distance.

Understanding the Class, Rarity, Environment, and Abilities of Nikke

·       Nikke Classes

There are three playable Nikke classes: attackers, defenders, and supporters. Players need to find a happy medium between them. To help players build a balanced team capable of facing different obstacles, this section explains the abilities and roles of each class.

·       Rarity, Environment, and Abilities

We delve further into the topic, investigating the environmental factors, special powers, and rarity ratings (SSR, SR, and R) of each Nikke. Combat effectiveness can be greatly affected by making judgments based on these parameters.

Beginner-friendly Nikke in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

See a selection of the top Nikke that are great for beginners, along with information on their class and burst type. This section is designed to help new players put together a strong team that can easily handle the early game stages.

  • Rapi (Attacker, Burst III)
  • Harran (Attacker, Burst II)
  • Anis (Defender, Burst II)
  • Ludmilla (Defender, Burst I)
  • Emma (Supporter, Burst I)
  • Liter (Supporter, Burst I)

Best Tips for Beginners in Goddess of Victory: nikke advise guide

To help new players get the most out of their gaming experience, this section provides them with some useful pointers:

  • Using Nikke’s combat records, core, and credits, you can upgrade his stats and gears.
  • Equip yourself at the Outpost, the shop, the campaign, or Ark.
  • The Outpost is where you can establish your base and have access to a wide variety of buildings, including the command center, arsenal, cafe, hotel, and more.


Becoming an expert in these techniques will guarantee your triumph in the unpredictable domain of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE advise guide. Set out on your adventure with self-assurance, gather a strong squad, and guide them to triumph over the terrifying Ruptures. As you embark on this exhilarating post-apocalyptic journey to rescue humanity, may the goddess of triumph be smiling down on you.


How often should I upgrade my Nikke’s stats and gears?

Regular upgrades are essential to keep your Nikke squad formidable. Aim for upgrades using combat records, core, and credits as soon as resources allow.

Can I change my Nikke’s weapon during a mission?

No, each Nikke can only use one of the six available weapons. Choose wisely before embarking on a mission to ensure compatibility with the enemies you’ll encounter.

What is the significance of the burst types in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE?

Burst types determine the skills your Nikke can use. Strategic use of burst skills, considering cooldowns and phases, is crucial for success in battles.

How do I gather equipment for my Nikke squad?

Equipment can be obtained from Outpost, shop, campaign, or Ark game modes. Daily logins, quests, achievements, and events are additional sources of valuable equipment.

What is the importance of constructing a base in the Outpost?

Building a base in the Outpost unlocks various structures that enhance your gameplay, including the command center, Arsenal, Cafe, Hotel, and more.

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