M-E1: World’s First Full-Size Performance Foldable E-Bike

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The Montague M-E1 is revolutionary in the rapidly developing field of electric bicycles. This groundbreaking e-bike is the first full-size performance folding electric bicycle, making it ideal for city dwellers and outdoor adventurers alike. The Montague M-E1 is creating waves in the cycling industry with to its cutting-edge features, including as the Shimano Steps E6100 mid-drive motor, Deore gear, and lightning-fast folding time. In this detailed guide, we will examine the outstanding M-E1, highlighting its main characteristics, advantages, and explaining why it is the best option for your riding excursions.

Unfolding the Montague M-E1

·       The E-Bike Revolution

The Montague M-E1 is a major improvement over previous models of electric bicycles. It effortlessly melds the advantages of electric assistance with a collapsible form. Commuters in the city and outdoor adventurers alike will appreciate the comfort and convenience of this electric bike.

·       Key Features

  • Shimano Steps E6100 Mid-Drive Motor: The M-E1 has Shimano’s newest high-end e-bike technology, which makes for a relaxing and exhilarating ride. The M-E1 is a reliable travel companion because to its 250W mid-drive motor, lightweight drive unit, 36V/418Wh lithium battery pack, and maximum torque of 60Nm.
  • Portability: The M-E1 may be folded up for convenient portability. You may just roll it into your workplace, residence, or onto any mode of public transportation. The convenience of such mobility is unprecedented for city dwellers.
  • Security: Traditional e-bikes represent a hurdle in urban environments owing to restricted indoor storage. The M-E1 doesn’t need to be locked up on the street since it can be safely stashed away in a closet.
  • Performance: The M-E1’s performance is unaffected by its folding construction. It has basic components and large 700c wheels for a smooth, fast ride.

·       Easy Folding

The M-E1’s frame folds up quickly and easily with a single fast release. It’s unique in that you don’t have to worry about lifting or balancing the bike since the kickstand will hold it up as you fold it. The handlebars may be folded with a second quick release to make it even more compact.

·       Fully Equipped

The M-E1 has the basics covered with standard equipment including headlights, taillights, full-coverage fenders, and a rack built right into the back. This means you’re ready to hit the road without any further accessories or changes.

·       3 Pedal Assist Modes

The display is a cycle computer and a drive system controller, and it is conveniently located on the handlebars. You may adjust the power assistance to your liking between three different settings: Eco, Normal, and High. The walk assist option makes pushing quite easy, especially on inclines.

·       Customize and Update with E-Tube

You may modify your drive system’s settings and install new firmware updates with the use of the Shimano E-Tube Project program. This convenient hub communicates with your bicycle and is easy to use. Additionally, the E-Tube Ride app turns your smartphone into a bike computer complete with route planning and in-the-moment ride statistics.

Montague M-E1 Specifications

A Closer Look at the Technical Details

  • Color: Matte Black / Royal Blue
  • Frame: Custom drawn 6061 series aluminum with patented folding system and integrated rear rack
  • Fork: SR Suntour NEX Suspension
  • Drive Unit: Shimano STEPS E6100 – 250 watt
  • Battery: Shimano STEPS – 418 Wh
  • Tires: Schwalbe Energizer Plus 700c x 47mm
  • Shifters: Shimano Deore 10-speed
  • Rear Derailleur: Shimano Deore 10-speed
  • Brakes: Shimano Deore hydraulic disc brakes
  • Cranks: Shimano STEPS FC-E6100
  • Chainring: Shimano STEPS SM-CRE61 – 44 tooth
  • Cassette: Shimano 10-speed 11-32 tooth
  • Chain: Shimano STEPS 10-speed
  • Pedals: VP Folding Pedals
  • Lights: Herrmans LED front and rear lights
  • Accessories: Full coverage mud guards
  • Folded Size: 38″ x 38″ x 13″
  • Weight: Approximately 54 lbs

The Montague M-E1: A Game-Changer for Commuters and Trekkers Alike

When it comes to electric bicycles, the Montague M-E1 completely changes the game. Its outstanding features and cutting-edge design provide the efficacy of an electric bike together with the portability of a folding bicycle. The M-E1 is a great companion for your daily commute, weekend adventures, or dirt road exploration.


The Montague M-E1 is an innovative electric bike that provides a new standard in speed, mobility, and safety. It’s a great option for city dwellers and weekend warriors alike. The Montague M-E1 is the future of riding, so ditch your old, inefficient e-bike and get on board.


Is the Montague M-E1 suitable for tall and short riders?      

Riders between 5’4″ and 6’4″ in height may comfortably use the M-E1 because to its step-through design and adjustable saddle height.

How do I charge the M-E1’s battery?

The Montague M-E1 may have its battery charged from any regular electrical outlet. Just plug it in, and it will start working.

What is the range of the Montague M-E1 on a single charge?

There are a number of variables that affect the M-E1’s range, but generally speaking, you can drive between 30 and 60 miles on a single charge.

Is the M-E1’s frame durable despite its foldable design?

The M-E1’s frame is really built of specially drawn 6061 series aluminum, making it both strong and lightweight enough to be foldable.

Can I use the Montague M-E1 in different weather conditions?

Absolutely! The M-E1’s superior components and full-coverage fenders make it appropriate for riding all year round, no matter the weather.