Lost Mary Vape: A Comprehensive Guide to Vaping and Beyond

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lost mary vape

As a less harmful and more flexible alternative to smoking, vaping has quickly gained popularity. The BM600 is only one of several popular disposable vapes made by UK-based company Lost Mary Vape. Nine different models, including TPD-compliant devices, have been introduced under the brand, which was conceptualised by the team behind the award-winning vape brand Elf Bar. Products from this line have larger batteries and additional pods to cater to certain markets like the United States.

A Lost Mary Vape is an easy-to-operate and straightforward vaporizer. It’s simple to use, even for first-timers, because it comes with everything you need already included. A battery, tank, coil, and e-juice make up the gadget. There are no sophisticated settings or coil adjustments required to utilise the gadget. The Lost Mary vape comes in over 30 flavours, so it’s sure to please a wide range of customers. A Lost Mary vape can be purchased for as little as £5 or as much as £7 at various stores. Consider nicotine level, flavour preferences, device compatibility, and safety guidelines while making your selection. While vaping has the potential to be safer than smoking, it’s still vital to take precautions like keeping batteries out of reach of children and pets and keeping up with the latest rules and regulations in the sector.

Understanding Vaping: A Brief Introduction

Let’s get the basics of vaping down before we delve into the Lost Mary Vape product line. To “vape” is to use an electronic cigarette or other vaping device and inhale and exhale the vapour it produces. E-juice or vape juice is the liquid used in vaping devices; it contains nicotine, flavourings, and other substances. The user evaporates the liquid and inhales the resulting vapour. Concerns regarding health risks and addiction have been raised as vaping has gained popularity as a smoking substitute in recent years. Before considering whether or not to vape, it’s crucial to weigh the potential downsides and upsides.

Why Vaping?

A Safer Alternative to Smoking

As a less harmful alternative to smoking cigarettes, vaping has exploded in popularity. It removes the tar and other hazardous compounds found in smoked tobacco. While there are always risks when doing anything, vaping is typically thought to be safer.

Customizable Experience

The option to personalise your vaping session is a major selling point. E-liquids come in a variety of nicotine strengths and flavours, giving vapers a lot of options. Furthermore, vape devices include a variety of settings that can be adjusted to provide a personalised vaping experience.

What is Lost Mary?

Lost Mary is a top-selling e-cigarette brand worldwide, famous for its convenient disposable vaporizers. Despite just having made their debut in 2022, Lost Mary have released a broad variety of devices that continue to delight their passionate fans. The unusual and compact square-shape of their BM600 device was vital in shooting the company to worldwide prominence.

Who makes Lost Mary vapes?

Lost Mary may seem like a completely other company, but it was really created by Elf Bar, a reputable vape company that has won multiple awards for their products. Back in 2022, when the first Lost Mary devices began appearing on UK markets, they were all marked with the instantly recognisable Elf Bar emblem.

Since Lost Mary has been so successful so quickly, you might be shocked to hear that they were created by Elf Bar, creators of the multi-award winning vape brand. Both the original Lost Mary device and its packaging had the now-iconic Elf Bar logo when they first appeared on UK markets in 2022.

How Many Lost Mary Devices Are There?

In addition to the three existing vapes, the UK-based company Lost Mary provides nine more types. Due to the Tobacco Products Directive, these are prohibited from sale in the United Kingdom. However, the company has tailored some of its offerings for regional markets like the United States. Larger, more powerful, and with greater pod capacity are characteristics shared by non-TPD compatible devices. Three of the brand’s twelve devices are TPD-compliant.

Each Lost Mary gadget is listed below, along with its corresponding TPD classification.

TPD Compliant Lost Mary Devices

BM600 – Famous for its distinctive square form and ombre colour scheme, the Lost Mary disposable device is among the country’s top sellers.

QM600 This device is the successor to their best-selling BM600, and it’s a chunkier rectangular disposable with a crystalline shell.

AM600 A compact disposable that takes inspiration from the design of traditional pens and is encased in bright plastic.

Non-TPD Compliant Lost Mary Devices

● MO5000 – This enormous gadget is powered by a removable battery and has a beautiful marble design.

OS5000 – This square-shaped device, like the BM600, is rechargeable and made out of toughened plastic.

Luster 0S5000 – The OS5000 Lustre is a limited edition model that features a sleek chrome exterior.

PSYPER – This is the first rechargeable pod kit from the brand to feature disposable pods.

OS4000 – Identical in appearance and feel to the OS5000, but with fewer puffs per cartridge.

BM3500 – Puff count increased to 3500, but otherwise same to the BM600.

BM5000 – Identical in appearance and feel to the 3500, but with more puffs each cigarette.

CM1500 – A disposable that looks like a pen and is shaped like an elf, like the Elf Bar 600.

3000 + 3000 PRO – These chunky bars have a metallic appearance on the outside.

Are Lost Mary Vapes Easy To Use?

Disposable vapes are convenient because of their simplistic layout. A Lost Mary disposable is delivered to your door pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready to use. There will be no need for the user to bother about changing the coil or reloading the e-liquid. Even someone who has never used a vape before will be able to operate one because there is no complicated interface to learn. The aforementioned is valid only for their regular UK products. Additional care, such as charging and swapping pods, may be needed for Lost Mary devices that are not TPD compliant. However, even these gadgets are made with vaping newbies in mind, so you won’t need to be an expert to use them.

What’s Inside A Lost Mary Vape?

Internally, a Lost Mary functions similarly to any other disposable vape device. A disposable vaporizer has four main parts: the battery, the tank, the coil, and the vaporising liquid.

The parts of a Lost Mary and their respective roles are briefly described here.

Battery – Each Lost Mary product has its own battery. This battery is precharged for use with a TPD-compliant device. This also implies that the battery can’t be charged once it’s been completely drained.

Tank – The Lost Mary’s tank, which houses the e-liquid, is located within the main body of the device. Tanks of Lost Mary come to you already full.

Coil – The Lost Mary’s coil is an integral part of the machine, although it’s invisible to the naked eye. Battery power warms the coil, which in turn vaporises the e-liquid.

E-Liquid – Nicotine-rich nic salts e-liquid is included in every Lost Mary kit. How much and how powerfully will depend on the Lost Mary gadget you use.

Lost Mary Flavours

The wide selection of tastes available at Lost Mary is likely one of the main draws that keeps customers coming back for more. It’s no surprise that Lost Mary flavours have grown so popular, given the broad variety (over 30) that they provide, including options for fruit lovers, soft drink addicts, and vapers with a sweet tooth.

How Much Does A Lost Mary Vape Cost?

Disposable vapes’ rising popularity can be attributed, in part, to their low price. A Lost Mary disposable can be purchased for as little as £5 or as much as £7 in the United Kingdom. In addition, certain stores may provide a bulk purchase discount that lowers the unit cost even further.


Lost Mary Vape is more than simply a name in the vaping industry; it stands for a dedication to customer service and product excellence. They have a wide variety of e-liquids, prioritise user safety, and are dedicated to the vaping community, making them an excellent option for newcomers and seasoned pros alike. It’s up to you to decide which Lost Mary Vape flavour is best for you and your vaping style. Keep in mind that your time spent vaping is a journey, and that Lost Mary Vape is a reliable friend along the route. Try out different flavours, be creative with the customising options, and take pleasure in a healthier smoking alternative. To your health, and many puffs! Whatever your level of vaping expertise, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Lost Mary Vape. They’ve made a name for themselves in the niche vaping market by prioritising customer satisfaction above all else and providing a variety of delicious flavours. So, select your flavour of choice, fire up your vape, and let Lost Mary Vape show you around.

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