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Kan Ade

Quality and originality are crucial for businesses to succeed in the rapidly developing cannabis market. Kan Ade, situated in California, has accomplished this and more, creating a special place for themselves in the industry. Offering a refreshing alternative to alcoholic and caffeinated beverages, the company’s flagship product, a potent THC-infused syrup, has taken the cannabis world by storm. This article delves into the history of KanAde, examining the company’s offerings, commercial success, and longstanding community involvement.

A Mixer with a Twist

The heart of Kan+Ade’s offering is a cannabis THC-infused mixer that’s made to spark inspiration. It has a wide range of applications; consumers can include it into a variety of foods and drinks, such as ice cream, sweets, pancakes, and even coffee. Mixers by Kan+Ade are highly sought after by cannabis consumers on the lookout for a one-of-a-kind and pleasurable experience.

Diverse Dosages and Flavors

Kan+Ade offers its mixers in four different dosages, the highest of which contains 500mg of THC, to appeal to a wide range of customers. There’s something for everyone’s taste thanks to the variety of flavors available, which include Blueberry + Pomegranate, Green Apple, and Sweet Mango. In addition to appealing to a vegan audience, these mixers are also gluten-free, alcohol-free, filler-free, and vegan. The company was able to trademark the term “medible mixer,” further distinguishing itself from competitors despite the limited scope of trademark protections in the cannabis industry.

A Triumph at the 2022 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup

A major turning point for Kan+Ade was when they took home the trophy for best tincture or capsule at the 2022 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup People’s Choice Awards. This award is unique since it is decided by the general people rather than a small panel of specialists. This recognition is a testament to the value and popularity of Kan+Ade’s offerings among regular consumers.

From Inception to Innovation

In 2017, Kan+Ade saw an opening in the market for high-quality, cannabis-infused beverages and edibles, and they jumped in. CEO and co-founder Jerry Tutunjian saw a need for a product that combined the portability and flavor of energy shots with the medicinal benefits of cannabis. After coming to this conclusion, the ideal mixer was developed, one that could be used in a wide range of edible and drinkable products.

The company has made a noticeable change toward quality by switching from distillate to isolate nanotechnology, which produces a finer powdered version of THC. Raw materials are obtained with great care, with a focus on developing ties with leading growers who place a premium on quality control in their genetics and growing practices.

Nurturing Community Connections

The dedication of Kan+Ade extends beyond the manufacturing of high-quality goods. When it comes to community service, the corporation teams up with groups like Catalyst Cares. They recently collaborated with a Los Angeles dispensary, Catalyst Florence, to host a backpack drive. More than a thousand backpacks filled with school supplies were given to kids in need, with support from other major names in the cannabis business.

Jerry Tutunjian stresses the need of having deep relationships within one’s local community. Actions speak louder than words for Kan+Ade. Their genuineness and determination to make a difference are shown in their work on worthwhile community projects and in the high quality of their final product.

The Unwavering Pursuit of Excellence

Kan+Ade stands apart in the crowded cannabis industry because they provide only the highest quality products. After more than 15 years in the business, Jerry Tutunjian and his crew have seen it all. But they have always been successful because they are committed to making items with love and the best materials possible.


Kan+Ade’s rise from genesis to prominence in the cannabis sector is a result of the company’s unwavering dedication to quality and involvement in the local community. The diversity and originality of their THC-infused cocktails have won them numerous awards, including the People’s Choice Award at the 2022 SoCal High Times Cannabis Cup. Innovating and giving back to its community, Kan Ade is a model of what a cannabis business can accomplish with honesty and hard work.

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Where can I purchase Kan+Ade’s products?

Products by Kan+Ade can be found in several California dispensaries. For a list of stores, visit their website.

Are Kan+Ade mixers safe to consume?

To guarantee their quality and safety, Kan+Ade mixers undergo extensive testing. They don’t include any animal products, gluten, alcohol, or fillers.

What sets Kan+Ade apart from other cannabis companies?

Kan’ Ade stands out from the crowd thanks to its creative products, extensive community involvement, and dedication to quality.

Can I use Kan+Ade mixers in cooking and baking?

Absolutely! Kan’ Ade blenders are multipurpose appliances that can be utilized in a wide range of recipes.

Does Kan+Ade plan to expand its product line?

Kan’ Ade is dedicated to improving its present products and services while also exploring new avenues for growth and service to the local community.

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