Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s Dueling Visions in Michigan: Battle for Blue-Collar Votes

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The 2024 Election Season Kicks Off

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have already begun competing for the support of working-class voters, especially in the pivotal state of Michigan. The recent GM strike and the resulting divisions within the union have put Michigan in the national limelight. Trump hopes to take advantage of what he sees as flaws in Biden’s economic ideas, while Biden is working to win back the union vote. The dynamics of their trips, the concerns at play, and their potential impact on the 2024 election are all explored in this article.

Michigan’s Critical Role in Presidential Elections

In recent years, presidential campaigns have centered on Michigan, a critical swing state. Michigan was one of the states Trump narrowly won in 2016, by a margin of approximately 12,000. Biden, in contrast, won by about 150,000. Union membership is high in Michigan, which has a role in the state’s politics. In the past election, 64% of union members voted for Biden. Recent polling, however, shows that Biden’s union support has eroded, with only 49% of union members supporting him. This bodes poorly for Biden in the next 2024 election.

The Dueling Visits

Contrasting Visions for America’s Future:

The recent trips to Michigan by Trump and Biden underscored the two candidates’ contrasting ideas for America’s future. Unions are concerned about the potential loss of manufacturing jobs as a result of Trump’s criticism of the Biden administration’s support for the electric vehicle (EV) industry. During the 2008 financial crisis, the car industry was saved in large part due to the efforts of unions like the United car Workers (UAW), which Biden defended.

Contrasting Styles on Display

Both leaders’ distinct personalities were on display throughout their visits. Joe Biden visit was low-key, by invitation only, and attended by a select group of UAW members; the mood was positive and upbeat. In contrast, Trump hosted a rally at night in a non-union workplace, drawing hundreds of ardent followers who cheered and chanted their commitment. The Trump camp has called Biden’s appearance a “cheap photo op” and has instead focused on the support they claim to have among regular voters.

Union Divisions and Endorsements

The UAW and its members remain divided despite Biden’s attempts to bridge the gap between leadership and rank-and-file workers. Scott Malenfant is one of the union members who has voiced their disappointment with the Democratic Party on matters like the electric vehicle (EV) transition and trade deals. Despite the Republican party’s reputation as anti-union, Trump’s pledges to bring back employment were enticing to Malenfant and thousands like him.

Key Issues and Concerns

The shift to EVs is a major factor in the state of Michigan.Joe Biden needs to reassure union members who are worried about losing their jobs as the auto sector transitions to electric vehicles. There may be some optimism for the future of autoworker employment thanks to conversations concerning the possibility of producing batteries and semiconductors within the state.

Trump’s Legal Troubles and Impact on Favorability

Trump is still a major player in the Republican Party, but his falling approval rating of 37% may be a result of the growing amount of legal problems he faces. But his most devoted followers perceive him as an innocent victim of the “deep state,” so these lawsuits might not do much to diminish his popularity.


As the 2024 presidential campaign season begins, Michigan has become a key swing state due to its pivotal role in the union vote. In the backdrop of the automotive industry and the transition to electric vehicles, the recent visits to the state by Donald Trump and Joe Biden have underlined their divergent ideas for America’s future. Labor disputes and worries about the future of jobs play a significant role in shaping Michigan’s political climate. Although Biden has a slight lead in the state at the moment, nothing is set in stone, much like the 2016 election. The working class in Michigan is likely to be a deciding factor in the forthcoming election, making Michigan an important state to keep an eye on.


Why is Michigan considered a critical state in presidential elections?         

As a swing state with considerable sway in presidential elections, Michigan is crucial. The state’s history of close elections makes its victory crucial for presidential hopefuls.

What were the contrasting visions of Trump and Biden during their visits to Michigan?

Due to union concerns, Trump has been critical of Biden’s support for the electric vehicle business. On the other hand, Biden spoke extensively about the importance of unions and the United Auto Workers’ role in salvaging the auto sector.

What are the main concerns of union members in Michigan?                  

Michigan autoworker union members worry about losing their jobs as the industry makes the transition to electric cars (EVs). They are especially interested in hearing about efforts to preserve automotive jobs through training in battery and chip production.

How have recent polls indicated a decline in union support for Biden?

While 64% of Michigan union members backed him in 2020, a recent survey showed that number has dropped to 49%.

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