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Jigsaw Planet is a website that blends interesting images with fun casual activities. Jigsaw Planet has a wide variety of images for users to choose from, including landscapes, art, nature, and animals. It also has a simple interface, can be personalised, and has therapeutic and cognitive benefits. Initiated in 2007 by puzzle fans, the site prides itself on its intuitive design. Jigsaw-Planet is a family-friendly app that uses photos that have been legally obtained from a wide variety of artists and online resources. Users can work with close associates to foster a feeling of belonging and community.

A World of Magic and Beauty

The Art of Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles have long been regarded as a perennial source of delight for individuals across many age groups. As one assembles an intricate image from numerous fragments, a sense of achievement is derived.

What Sets Jigsaw Planet Apart

Jigsaw Planet is more than just another website with jigsaw puzzles; it’s a utopian paradise for puzzle enthusiasts. We’re really proud of our library of eye-catching graphics that serve as the foundation for our lighthearted games.

The Power of Pictures

Images are powerful because they can make us feel things, make us think, and even make us create. Jigsaw Planet is aware of this potential and uses it to provide you with a unique puzzle-solving adventure.

The Jigsaw Planet Experience

A Vast Collection

Images from all walks of life, including humans, plants, and animals, can be found in our extensive collection. Having access to hundreds of images means you’ll never run out of challenging problems to work on.

User-Friendly Interface

Jigsaw Planet is really easy to go around in. Our intuitive design allows you to concentrate on the fun of puzzle-solving rather than getting frustrated with the software.

Customization Options

You may customise your puzzle-solving experience by deciding on factors like the amount of pieces and the level of challenge. Jigsaw Planet is a great place for puzzle novices and experts alike.

Relaxation and Brain Stimulation

There are several cognitive and therapeutic advantages of doing jigsaw puzzles. They help you unwind while also keeping your brain active. Jigsaw Planet provides the ideal harmony of the two.

Expert Insights

Subject Matter Expertise

The puzzle-loving artists and designers on our team put in many hours to select the most visually attractive and interesting photos for your perusal.

First-Hand Experiences

We are not only makers, but also serious Jigsaw_Planet players. Our first-hand knowledge helps us improve the platform in ways that users will like.

Credible Sources

We constantly check with reliable sources in the field of jigsaw puzzles and pictures to make sure all of our facts are straight.


Jigsaw_Planet is more than simply a puzzle app; it’s a fantastical place where jaw-dropping visuals form the backbone of our laid-back video gaming fare. Our resolve to provide the best puzzle-solving experience possible is firm. Come along with us on this fantastic adventure and take in all the wonder and enchantment of Jigsaw Planet.

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What’s the history of Jigsaw Planet?

In 2007, a group of people who had a passion for jigsaw puzzles came together to start Jigsaw_Planet.

How can I get started on Jigsaw Planet?

You may jump right into the Jigsaw_Planet experience by visiting our website, signing up for an account, and then browsing our extensive image library. Pick a puzzle, tweak the controls to your liking, and get cracking!

Is Jigsaw Planet suitable for kids?

Absolutely! We sell puzzles appropriate for a wide range of ages. Parents can keep an eye on their kids while they play puzzle games to make sure everyone has a good time.

Are the pictures on Jigsaw Planet copyrighted?

Jigsaw_Planet does not host any of its own photographs without the required licencing and permissions from the respective artists and platforms.

Can I collaborate with others on puzzles?

To foster a sense of community and togetherness, Jigsaw_Planet includes a function that allows you to work on puzzles with friends or family members.

How often are new pictures added?

In order to ensure that you always have fresh and interesting puzzles to solve, we continuously add new and unique photos to our collection.

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