The Intriguing World of 248 area code: A Brief Introduction

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248 area code

It’s only reasonable to be wary of a call from an unfamiliar area code. It’s reasonable to be wary in today’s world of spammers, con artists, and telemarketers. Let’s investigate the mysterious 248 area code and find out what all the fuss is about.

Unraveling Area Code 248

·       What is Area Code 248?

On May 10, 1997, area code 248 was activated for the first time. It was created from area code 810. Overlaying 248’s service area, 947 was added in 2002. This implies that both 248 and 947 now service the same geographic area, enabling a bigger pool of numbers to fulfill the increased demand for telephone lines.

·       Where Does Area Code 248 Come From?

Michigan, home to area code 248, is a state with a rich history in the automobile industry, magnificent Great Lakes, and exciting metropolitan areas. The cities of Troy, Farmington Hills, Southfield, Rochester Hills, and Pontiac are all included in its coverage area. In addition, the same area is covered by a single overlay that provides an additional 947 numbers, guaranteeing that residents of that region will never be without a working telephone.

·       Time Zone Tidbit

There is an Eastern Time Zone presence for the 248 Area Code. Make sure you know the local time before making a call to someone here.

·       The Jewel in the 248 Crown

Troy, the largest city in the 248 area code, is notable for its thriving economy and rich cultural heritage. The city’s foundations can be traced back to the early 19th century. It is both a city and a historical landmark, and its name may have been influenced by Troy, New York, or by Alexander Troy, a native of Montgomery. Historical significance on a military road dating back to 1824 gives Troy a fascinating background.

Area Codes in the Neighborhood

If you’re not from the area or just curious about the ins and outs of telephone service, you should familiarize yourself with the area codes used nearby. Area codes close to 248 are as follows:

226/519/548 (London, ON)

248/947 (Troy, MI)

313 (Detroit, MI)

517 (Lansing, MI)

586 (Warren, MI)

734 (Ann Arbor, MI)

810 (Flint, MI)

989 (Saginaw, MI)

The Scam Question

·       Is an Area Code 248 Phone Call a Scam?

The typical response is negative. Phones in Oakland County, Michigan, which use the 248 area code, are landlines. It’s more likely to be a real call than a scam if it comes from this area code. However, in this day and age of constantly updating scams, it is vital to be wary when receiving calls from unknown numbers of any area code. Never give out financial information over the phone, not even to someone who says they’re phoning from a local number you recognize.

The Significance of a Local Business Phone Number

A local business phone number might be a game-changer for your company’s success. The reason it does is because:

Be a Local: Your company will seem more approachable and legitimate to local customers if you use a phone number with a local area code.

Save Money: Affordable solutions for local phone lines, such as EasyLine, can help your business save money where it counts.

Marketing Magic: Obtaining a local phone number is a great way to monitor the success of your advertising campaigns and expand your customer base.

Privacy Protection: A secondary phone number with a local area code can be used for outgoing calls, hiding your true identity from potential intruders.

Always Connected: Advanced features like business hours and automated phone routing ensure that someone is always ready to take calls, ensuring you don’t miss any vital leads.

Where to Get a Business Phone Number with Area Code 248

Now that you know why a local business number is so important, you may be asking how to obtain one. Thanks to innovations like EasyLine, it’s less of a hassle than ever to get a local business phone number. Find out where to get one below!

·       Method 1: Getting a Phone Number via EasyLine Website

Get a local business phone number that works for you by visiting the EasyLine website and perusing the available alternatives.

·       Method 2: Getting a Phone Number via EasyLine Application

Download the EasyLine app on your mobile device to quickly and easily get a local business phone number.

·       Method 3: “Talk to Sales” for Personalized Assistance

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with EasyLine’s sales staff if you need more individualized advice and support. They are prepared to assist you in locating a local company number that meets your needs.

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area code 248 is an important part of Michigan’s telecommunications infrastructure, as it serves a number of important communities including Troy, which has a long and storied past. Although calls from this area code are usually safe to answer, you should still use caution whenever possible. In addition, EasyLine provides a simple means to acquire a local business phone number, which might have substantial advantages for your company.


Is it safe to answer calls from area code 248?          

Yes, in most cases. In Michigan, landlines with the 248 area code are considered to be reliable. However, you should always exercise caution while speaking with a stranger on the phone.

How can a local business phone number benefit my business?

Having a local company phone number is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including advertising, customer service, and maintaining anonymity. Constant contact with potential customers is guaranteed.

What services does EasyLine provide for local business phone numbers?

Free calls and texts, call forwarding, voicemail, flexible business hours, interactive voice response systems, VoIP/Wi-Fi calling, caller ID, and business card features are just some of the features offered by EasyLine.

Can I choose a specific number for my business from the 248 area code?

With a local business phone number in the 248 area code, your company will appear more established in the region.

How can I contact EasyLine for personalized assistance?

Select the “Talk to Sales” button to contact EasyLine’s sales staff for assistance acquiring a local business phone number or with any other questions or concerns you may have.